Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Book Review:

Passion, betrayal and killer highlights by Kyra Davis was another entertaining book. It's pretty much the same as her previous novel. Most of her characters are fun to read about, but Sophie's sister Leah is tremendously annoying. I just feel like ripping her hair out whenever she speaks. Sophie appears to be a bit of a push over when it comes to her friends and family. It would be a better book if it didn't have so much Leah in it.

Movie Review:

Dr. Shivago is a very overrated movie. I finally forced myself to watch it and i seriously had to force myself to finish it. I think the main problem I have with it is the women's hair. it's hard for me to get into a historical romance taking place during the Russian Revolution when all the women have modern 1960's puffy hair. I received my BA in history and know for a fact that the women of the Bolshevik revolution did not have hair dressers to ensure that coif. Apart from the hair, the characters were not like able at all. Zhivago himself seemed needy and always trying to find himself. his demeanor was also played out like the 1960's hippy trying to finding meaning in life. Everyone raves about it being a great love story, but I just couldn't stand it. He was just a selfish and self serving.

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