Friday, December 28, 2007

Slow Friday:

The Friday after Christmas and before New Years is very slow. So here is my reference log for the day:

  1. I'd like to reserve a computer?
  2. How can I reserve a computer?
  3. Can I make a computer reservation?
  4. The computer is frozen.
  5. Can I get a computer reservation?
  6. The computer doesn't want to work.
  7. Can I get a study room?
  8. Computer?
  9. Can you help me find a book. It doesn't come up in your catalog?
  10. I have a computer reservation at 11am. Where is it?
  11. Can I get a computer reservation?


  1. Can I have my library back?
  2. Can you help me find this title in Spanish?
  3. Can you help me find it?
  4. Can you help me find a book on knitting in Spanish?
  5. Can I have my pin number?
  6. What happened to your foot?
  7. Here is a gift for you for Christmas for being so nice. :)
  8. I already used the computer on the express, so you can delete my reservation for 12:30 in case someone needs to use it. (how nice)
  9. (Wow! Real ref question)I'm doing research on a couple and they listed their intention to marry back in 1934. Does that mean they got married within that year? If so, where can I find that record? I'm calling from Oregon.
  10. Do you check out books here?
  11. Can I reserve a computer here?
  12. Where's the bathroom?
  13. Me: Is this your child? Can you please stop him from running around the stacks and calling out for "mama"? Thank you.
  14. They sent me from the front, I'm looking for computer programs for children. (me: to learn how to use the computer?) No, programs to help teach my child about letters and numbers. (me: sorry we don't have that here. We have books to teach you how to work the programs, to teach children to use them.) So you don't have program disks we can take home and practice letters and stuff? (No, we have Leap Frog (c) programs you can use here at the library).
  15. Can I get a study room?
  16. How can I use the Wi-Fi?
  17. me:I'm sorry but you can't use your cell phone here.
  18. me: Ma'am please stop your child from yelling and running through the stacks.
  19. Can I make another computer reservation?


  1. Can I check to see if I have anything late?
  2. Do you have "Forrest Gump" on dvd?
  3. Do you have "Harry Potter" books?
  4. Do you have legal forms here?
  5. How can I get a library card?
  6. Is there somewhere I can enlarge a page?
  7. Can I get a computer?
  8. Can I have a computer?
  9. Can I cancel my reservation?
  10. I am looking for a "High Noon" on dvd.
  11. Do you have "How to win friends and influence people'?
  12. I'd like to cancel my reservation.
  13. Can I make a reservation? I just got my number from the front. (me: no sorry. You need your card to make reservation.)
  14. Do you have a book or anything on "Mario"? (me: like mario brothers? The video game?) Yes, anything like that.
  15. Do you have "Goosebumps" videos?
  16. Can I reserve a computer?
  17. Do you have the movie "On Dangerous Ground"?
  18. Can I make a reservation?
  19. Can I make a reservation for a 15 min computer?
  20. Can you tell me which computer I am on again?

Book Review:

Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi is another great collection of stories from Iran. In this book she recounts stories of women and their experiences. It is a graphic novel that allows you to connect with the characters of her life.

Library Stuff:

Now it seems our profession is attacking another website other than wikipedia. Read all about Yahoo answers here. I myself use it once in a while. Of course I follow up on the answer and don't take it as face value, but that's just me.

Patron Stories:

I approached two teens at the express computer when I noticed they have signed on for a second time, while there is another patron waiting.

Me: Would you please sign off? There is a person waiting for the computer and this is your second session.

Patron: I'm already signed off, I'm just sitting here (with a smirk while his friend snickers in the background.)

Me: If you get up from there so she can use it that would be great.

P: Yea that would be great. (As he is getting up.)

(I ignore his comment and go back to the desk. They stand/lean on the computer station next to the one he was on while he talks to his other buddy on the computer. Now I am getting upset. We don't allow people to loiter by the computers.)

I walk over to them very calmly. They don't notice I'm heading towards them and very loudly say:

Me: Excuse me, guys?! You cannot stand here and chat. If you would like to continue your conversation you need to go to another part of the library. You can go sit down on one of those desks.

Neither of them expected me to approach them again. They were in shock and just stared at each other. They quietly walked to the desk. LOL

Another story: Two girls come up to the desk for a computer reservation. Our policy is that you cannot make an appointment w/out your card. If you don't have it the circ desk gives it to you once, after that you must have you card. This young lady had her number on an old crumpled post it.

Patron: Can I get a computer? I just got my number up front.

Me: You just got this? (as I handle the post it.)

P: Yes.

M: Ok, the next computer is not available until 3pm is that ok? (As I look up her account to check for a note as to when she received this number.)

P: yea, that's ok.

M: I'm sorry. But it shows here that you received you number on the 21st. You need to go back up there and get a new library card if you have lost it. I can't make you a reservation.

P: Yea? Ok.

Ha! Try to pull a fast one on me will ya?! (I told you it was slow day. lol)

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