Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No, your children are not cute.

Pet Peeve #7: Thinking your child is so cute he/she can do whatever they want in the library.

Allowing your child to run in the library at top speed while you stand by and beam proudly, is not ok. I don't care if they just learned how to run. If you don't stop them I will. If you enjoy the little rantings, gurgling and general yapping coming from your child, don't assume everyone else does too. From where we stand it's just annoying and may lead to yelling. So stop that! Oh and we don't think it's cute when children yell, scream, cry or throw themselves on the floor because they don't want to leave the library. We don't take it as a compliment. Obviously your child does this everywhere you go and does not particularly apply to the abundance of books that makes them not want to leave. So drag them out if you have to because we don't want to hear it. Thank you.

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