Friday, June 29, 2007

I don't want what your'e having...

I know this chick who always talks about stuff like she was the one who discovered it or invented it. When she became a mother she would tell everyone how great it is, the feeling of loving someone so much. Everyone should go out and become a mother so that they can experience this great new feeling. She would even tell people who already had kids and describe this to them. Yes, I think they already knew about her discovery but she still told them like she was the only person in this world to experience it. Also, when she finds a new toy to purchase she is the first person to have discover it. Wow, everyone should get this new blackberry/BMW/a pool/a tattoo. She discovered it. She doesn't just boast or brag, but she tells it like she is so excited about this new development and how everyone else should get it too because she has and their lives are better for it. Like whatever she is up to it's the thing to be doing or else you suck.

I hate that.

You don't see me going around bragging to people and telling them, "Have you ever gotten your Masters? It's great! You should, everyone should experience this at least once in their lives. Your mind expands, you get a better paying job and you are a better person for it." NO! I don't do that. Because I know a Master's isn't for everybody. I know that not everyone wants a Masters. Not everyone has the need to stay in school for two more years and apply that kind of commitment. Their lives are not less than mine because they don't have one. Jeesh people! GET A CLUE!
tan! tan!


Waiting For Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire is the most recent book I finished reading. It's a memoir about the authors life in Cuba before the revolution and his subsequent exile from the island. His description of events that happened to him and his experiences as a boy were a great read. The story gives you an in depth knowledge of what life was like for the Cuban people once they left Cuba. I recommend this book if anything just to read about what Cuba was like prior to its ruin by Fidel. His family's experiences are sad and heartwarming at the same time. I loved his use of Cubanism and sayings to add to his storytelling.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I just found this great new site called it's like myspace but only for people who read. Browsing through my doctor's magazines I found it mentioned in the Oprah magazine and thought I would take a look. I LOVE IT!! Once you sign on you can add books to your "shelf" with reviews so people know what you are reading and get recommendations from them. Also, it allows for people to create groups based on their interests. So far I belong to groups that allow me to talk about my fave genres of Chic Lit and mystery novels. I don't have any friends yet, cus no one I know loves to read like I do. Maybe I'll make new ones. Well just thought I would let you know about it so you can join and be my friend. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blackbird Sisters Mysteries

After having read and reviewed the first Nancy Martin book I read, I couldn't stop reading the next couple of them in a row. So I just finished the last one and I am sorry that there aren't anymore. I don't want to give anything away about each book so I will give an overview of the series.

How to Murder a Millionaire, Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds, Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die, Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too and A Crazy Little Thing Called Death by Nancy Martin are some of the greatest books I've read in a long time. The character development through each book is incredible. The main characters of Nora, Libby and Emma have such great depth that you can't help but know what they are feeling and going through. Nora's relationship with Michael Abruzzo tugs at your heart strings.

The stories of each book are similar in that they take place around a murder and the Blackbird sisters trying to solve the mystery. But each has an individual characteristic about each plot and just when you think you have figured out Nancy's formula for determining who the killer is, she changes it on you. By far my most favorite thing about her books is the relationship between Nora and Mick. Their emotions are so well described that you can't help but feel their pain and passion. I have found myself laughing out loud as well as crying. I am totally gushing over these books but I think everyone should read them.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Time Reading


I am so overwhelmed with summer reading. Which is odd because my reading patterns should not change based on a season now that I am no longer in school. There are a lot of new books coming to the library that I find interesting so I have three on my desk waiting for my attention and four that I am reading now. It takes me longer to finish reading a book when I do this because I don't devote my time to just one. By next week I should have finished the Blackbird Sisters Mysteries by Nancy Martin. I am so hooked on this series that I had to go to a competing library system to get the next one in order because our system was taking so long. Though I am hesitant about finishing it because these are the last two books left in the series and I don't know if the author will write more. I hope she does.

I have initiated a book club at home and we will be meeting next Friday. Our club is reading Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire. Hopefully it will be a success and I will keep you posted on how the discussion went. Let me know if you'd care to join.

It's nice how the library slows down during the summer. There aren't so many people here after school or in the evenings trying to finish last minute projects. But the down side is that the kids that have nowhere else to go during the day hang out in our air conditioned building therefore causing general mayhem.

Library Pet Peeve #4 Patrons describing the physical appearance of a book rather than the content.

No, I don't know where the book that you saw last week, is about yeay high and has a green cover is located. I have seriously had patrons ask me that question. When I ask them what it was about they say, "I don't remember. But it was good and sounded interesting, but I don't remember what it was about." Or they give me a title they had seen before and they swear that is what it was called. When I do a search for a similar title or find the correct one, they argue with me about it and say that isn't it. Or when I tell them I can't find that particular title they look at me like I'M the moron because saw it here last week!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Isn't there a war on?!


Ok, if anybody else talks to me about PH and her jail time I am going to scream. I was in the break room and the topic of conversation by all the pages/aides was about this celebutante like they knew her. The topic of conversation on Kevin & Bean on KROQ has been non-stop PH news!! The pages/aides continue on to discuss more pressing topics such as the relationship between Beyonce and Jay Z and how confused they were about it because they had heard Jay Z was with Ciara. ARGH!! Will these kids look outside their MTV and People? There is a war going on, an AIDS epidemic and global warming! Stop worrying about pop stars and the people they sleep with!!

I was recently in a fender bender and had to take my car in for repairs. (Stupid chick backed into me! But I'm not bitter.) So I am driving an SUV as my rental car and I love it! It's amazing how people get out of your way on the freeway and actually back off from tailgating you when you tap on the breaks. But the most amazing thing about it is that I figured out that all drive thru windows are made for SUV's! For a long time I have struggled to reach the windows of Starbucks in my Mazda and it is a really headache stretching out to the server and making sure I don't drop the money in the crevice that is the curb and my car. But now that I have an SUV it's so easy! These windows are made for the height of such a vehicle. Which makes me upset. With the increase of SUV's now everything is catered them. Stupid fast food establishments only want to make a drive thru accessible to large, gas guzzling vehicles. Just thought I would point this out so you know next time you are struggling with your mocha frap and the server and wondering why this is so difficult!

Patron Stories
It always amazes me how people are suspicious of anybody who offers them service for free. After printing a patron some resources online he argued with me that I didn't need to print out all the information cus he doesn't want to pay for all the pages. I had to tell him that it was free. So any information he requires we will give it to him. He was shocked. Some people think of us as an exclusive club that you have to pay to access material. They ask us how much it costs to be a member and are happily surprised to find out that all of resources are free. Maybe we should charge people and they won't take us for granted. Yea right! Like that would ever happen.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ok, seriously.
Why me? Why is it that every time some guy wants to take out his anger and frustration it's on me? I, who am perfectly cordial and professional to all my patrons, always deals with people who accuse me of being rude to them? Today a patron came to me and asked me about his computer. He had reserved comp #18 at 7pm. It was 6:59 by my clock. So I told him they will be kicked off as soon as it's 7pm. "But why are they still on? It's 7pm", he asked. I said, "the time on his computer might be a little off. Give him a couple of minutes and if he doesn't get off and I'll ask him to. But let me check your reservation, do you have you library card?" So he gave it to me and I looked it up and his account showed that he has a reservation @ 7:30pm on computer #5. I told him so. And he said no he doesn't. He made it for 7pm. And I'm showing him the screen. Then he says, "You know what. You are obviously too busy to help me so I'll go talk to someone else you can help someone else!" I stared at him and said, "sir it's the same system." "no. I'm done with you. You are so rude and lazy and don't want to help me. All you do is sit there." AAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I helped someone else. The librarian next to me started helping him and was about to walk over to computer #18 to kick that person off. I stopped her and said, "I checked his account. He doesn't have an appointment until 7:30pm." He yells at me, "I'm done with you." He tells my colleague, "this person has been so rude and she doesn't want to help me." I then got up (my shift was over) and I couldn't help myself and said, "You have a nice day sir." and walked away. ARGH!

Why? Why doesn't my colleague Nebraska* who literally is rude to patrons get this? She blatantly does not look people in the eye, points to directions they should head to, does not answer their questions but rings a bell to have the page help them and ignores people who need help. WHY doesn't she get yelled at?! She goes out of her way to be rude to people and no one yells at her! I am getting really tired of this sh**!!

*Not my colleague's real name.

Friday, June 01, 2007

New York Stories are Over

Wolves in Chic Clothing by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman is my last New York based book. I swear!! I've grown tired of them. For now. They all pretty much have to do with the same things such as shopping for high fashion, eating at the best restaurants and being part of a committee to the right fundraising events. Boring! I pushed myself to finishing this book just to complete my NY series of reviews. :O)

The plot revolves around Julia who is new in town and is trying to make it in jewelry design. She works at a famous fictional jeweler called Pehlmans and is "discovered" by the owner's daughter and made her assistant. Unbeknowest to her, Lel Pehlman has ulterior motives for hiring her. This book reminds of the old George Cukor film called The Women (1939) starring Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell and Joan Crawford only because it's so catty. The character of Polly is parallel to that of Russell's in the movie and is why it reminded me of this story and how they manipulate this newcomer for their own enjoyment. I don't really recommend the book, but I recommend The Women.

Basic Elements of a Library
There are three basic elements that I have found are in a public library.
1. The homeless person: who comes to the library everyday and stays all day. Everyone tries to stay downwind from this person. They don't draw attention to themselves and are at the library mainly to keep warm/cool.
2. Daily phone call: from a crazy patron. Yes, they are crazy. They call for the same things everyday and keep you on the phone for extended periods of time. One can determine when they are on the phone by the roll of eyes of the librarian or assistant as they realize they have been the chosen one to pick up the phone that day.
3. Patron that knows all the tricks. This patron religiously comes to the library and knows all the tricks to the computers. How to do it to where they can get extra time. They lurk and wait for people not show up for their appointments and pounce on the computers while there have people who have not used it all day. They know to use the children's when there is no one around to tell them otherwise.
Keep your eyes open, this is happening in your community. :0)