Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I have all the time in the world!

Patron Etiquette:
When coming up to the reference desk please have your library cards ready. If all you want is a computer reservation have it handy. Don't waste my time and those standing in line behind you while you rummage through your nap sack, backpack, baby bag, your cargo pant's pockets nor your little sister's wallet (who you have to hunt down on the other side of the library, because she has it) for your library card. You know you need it. Don't act surprise when we ask you for it. Thanks!

Christmas came early
My computer is finally fixed!!!! About a month ago I had a virus show up on my computer and it slowly died. Our IT department gave me the runaround for a month about getting it fixed. I finally contacted the IT manager and CC'd my boss. Sure enough I got a response the next day and is now fixed. I feel like a little girl with a new toy. But now I have to re-assign my book marks and RSS feeds. Oh well.

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