Monday, December 17, 2007

Creepy customer

Patron Stories
I'm trying to sit perfectly still. Sssshhh. One of the new creepy guys (picture is not the actual image) has shown up. Last time he was here he was yelling obscenities in the Resource Center. The time after that he tried to join a private meeting we were having with our higher ups, to make sure he wasn't "missing anything". He is now using one of our Internet computers with his headphones on with the volume full blast. I would normally approach a patron that is doing that, where I can hear the sound, I ask them to turn it down. But not today. I'm hoping he doesn't see me and try to engage me into conversation/argument. I'm sitting here praying for the last 30 minutes to pass so that he leaves. Don't. Make. A. Move. Ssshhhh....please leave quietly.

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