Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What exactly do you need?!

Patron Etiquette:
Be specific. When you come up to the desk don't ask broad questions that deal with a slew of material. Don't ask, "Where is your law area?" If you do be prepared to answer my questions to help me narrow it down for you. Or else I will just send you to the 340's and you'll have to sort it out.

Our library has the Chicano Resource Center. Please narrow your topic down! Asking for books on Chicanos will not give you a good source. You will be directed to all of the 10 bookcases. Good luck finding what you need! Do you want the history, culture, political activism, leaders and in what states? Don't continue answering with "Just anything on Chicanos" over and over again, when I am trying to decipher what you really need. Don't be surprised if you get a look of "Are you stupid?" from your librarian. You don't go to your nearest Pep Boys and ask, "Where are your things for cars?" and not specify. They would give you an even meaner look and gestures.

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