Monday, September 17, 2007


Patron etiquette:
When you see an Information Professional such as myself speaking to somebody else, don't just come up and interrupt asking if you can ask me a question. I am busy! Yea, you are not the only person in the library! People standing in front of you in line got there first even if you think you are the most important person to your self, you're not for the rest of us. K. Thanks.

Patron: Can I check to see if someone I am looking for is here or has used a computer. Me: No, sorry. We can't give out that kind of information.
P: Oh really?
Me: Yes.
P: Well can I ask you if you've seen this girl? She is about 5 feet tall, with dark hair and "morenita" complexion.Me: (pause) are you serious?
P: Yea.Me: There are a lot people that fit your description here (In East Los Angeles!!! And you are talking to one of them dumbass!). Sorry.
Same patron later on.
P: Can I make a computer reservation?
Me: Sure. The next one is at 12:30. Is that ok?
P: Sure. Is that for half hour or a full hour?
Me: Full hour.
P:What time do you open?
Me: 10am
P: Why are your reservations in increments of 30 minutes? Like 11:30, 12:30...?
Me: Because not everyone shows up at 10am to use a computer. They come in later on and use it from 10:30 till 11:30 and the person after them uses it from 11:30 to 12:30 and so on.
P: wow that is weird.
(Really?!?! Is it really that weird? This is an adult I'm talking to, right?)

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