Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My day

Situation: Emergency door is opened. Alarm goes off. Librarian 2nd in Command is walking by. He pauses. Looks around to see if anybody saw him notice it. Doesn't see anybody. Walks away. Alarm is still blaring.

My Reference Log

A Wednesday afternoon two hour stint at the reference desk:

  1. Can I have a computer?

  2. Do you have Hawaiian music?

  3. Can I order some movies?

  4. Can I get a computer?

  5. Can I get a study room?

  6. Can I get a computer?

  7. Can we both sit at the computer?

  8. What computer was that again?

  9. Where can I sign up for a computer?

  10. Why can't we share a computer?

  11. Let me speak to a manager.

  12. I'll go find another computer somewhere else! (after speaking to manager)

  13. (Phone) Can I talk to the CRC? What are their hours?

  14. Is this where I make a computer reservation?

  15. Can I have a computer?

  16. How do you spell "cirrhosis"?

  17. Can I get a study room?

  18. Can I get a computer?

  19. Can I get a computer?

  20. You can't use your cell phone in here.

  21. You can't eat that in here.

  22. Please keep it down you are very loud.

  23. Can you restart my computer?

  24. When is your next computer reservation?

  25. That's your earliest one?

  26. What computer did you say I had?

  27. Where are your "Halo" books?

  28. Where are your scary stories? Like Goosebump?

  29. Can i have a computer?

  30. Can you help me find this book in the shelves?

  31. Can I get my ID back?

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