Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh Cuba!

Loving Che by Ana Menedez is a wonderful novel of family, political romanticism and love. I really recommend this book to everybody. It deals with family separation after the Cuban revolution and how one woman tries to find the truth to the past. The ideals of the revolutions are given a human face and the treatment of the Cuban people after the revolution is very well described. You can feel the desperation of the people who escaped it and remained.

Patron Stories: No Shoes No Service
Me: Sir, can you put your shoes back on please.
Patron: Oh no, I don't have any shoes. You see I have a foot fungus that bothers my foot.(Pointing to the foot.)
Me: (Looking at him like he's a moron.) Yes, that is why we want you to put some shoes on. We have small children that crawl on the carpet and we don't want them to get your fungus.
Me: Oh? Ok. I'll be leaving anyway.

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