Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So I decide to have my lunch outside today. My library is located by a nice park with a lake and I had never taken advantage of having this park nearby. I grabbed my sandwich and headed for the park. There are very few benches under some shade but I was able to find one by lake. As soon as I sat down, a flock of ducks headed my way. I guess they are used to having people feed them, but I was determined not to encourage this kind of behaviour. So I refrained from giving them any food. They slowly realized it and moved on. As I sat there, there was this one duck that would not leave. He kept waiting for me to drop something. He was like a dog waiting for my every move. He even chased a napkin I had tossed to the trashcan, but was not able to reach it. He is a beautiful black duck with luminescent feathers that change from green to purple to blue when the sun hits them. Here he is standing by my legs waiting to snatch my napkin. The little punk got to so impatient that he started nibbling at my shoe!
He did not give up! Never even flinched when I tried to shoo him away with my foot. Instead he brought reinforcements...
Stupid goose started circling me. I hurriedly ate my lunch and bolted out of there! LOL! I did not want to become another LA duck mauling statistic. This was almost as bad as my "squirrel incident" at The Huntington. It was a bad experience. I don't want to talk about. lol

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