Saturday, September 15, 2007

New FAV blogs

Thanks to OEDB's poll, "Top 25 Librarian Blogger", I have found my new favorite blog. A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette is full of sarcasm and dry humor covering clever topics such as "Being the Kick-ass Librarian", "Dressing for a library interview" and other helpful tips like "Being a Whistler". I guess those of you who are not librarians and might get the jokes, but if imagine your local librarian following these guidelines it is very humorous. I particularly enjoy the topic of being territorial in which peeing is the solution to marking your territory. Good reading. :)

Here's some patron etiquette:

When using a public computer at the library always take handy wipes with you. The person who might have been using it before you could have had a cold and sneezed their snot all over the place w/out covering their mouth. I've seen it happen folks.


I have a new favorite show. Mad Men on AMC is an awesome show that deals with the world of advertising men on Madison Avenue NY in the early 1960's. I love the dress and the background settings. Even though it's full of racial, sexist and other non-pc talk, the storyline is awesome. The development of these characters is enthralling. I can't wait for the mid-60's cus I know some of the housewives will be declaring their Independence. Though it looks like they are really trying to hard to shock the audience by showing a lot of shots of pregnant women smoking/drinking, people driving w/out their seat belts or drunk and people drinking all the time. At first this last part I thought was an exaggeration, but I spoke to one of my co-workers and she says it's all true. It just so happens that she was a secretary for an ad firm on Madison Avenue NY in the 1960's and it was exactly like that. With the ass pinching and 3 martini lunches. Yup that was real.

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