Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Evil co-workers

Yes. Evil. Why oh why are you weeding so much? There is no need for you to weed the 800's and gut it dry! Leave us please some poetry, some sonatas, some shakespeare! PLEASE! If you don't like books, don't be a librarian! Don't take it out on our small collection.

Are you looking for A Long Day's Journey Into Night? Sorry, it's gone! How about some classic Emerson? Nope try another library. OH! It hurts just thinking about it. (sigh) Stop the madness!

Patron Stories:

An aide tells me a patron is using his cell phone to listen to music in the computer room. He won't turn it off. I ask him to please turn it off. He says, "I have come before and if I can't afford to get earphones for the computer, someone else has told me it's ok to lower it so I can hear it softly. How is that different from using my cell phone softly?" Me: I'm not sure who you spoke to, but that is not our policy. If you don't have earphones you can't listen to the sounds from the computer you must turn it off. Patron: I see how it is. Fine.
(p.s. if you can afford a cell phone you can afford $5 earphones if you want to listen to music at the library so badly! )

Patron (thinking): hmm? The librarian just came up to me and asked me not to use the cell phone in here. Let me talk even louder and walk to the echoing hallway that resonates all over the building. That will be better right?
Me: Can you please get off the cell phone or go outside. (ARGH!! The hallway is not outside!!!!)

Intresting Ref Questions

Patron: You don't have banned books here right?
Me: Yes, we actually have a lot of them. Which one are you looking for?
Patron: Well it's a movie. About Christopher Columbus.
Me: So you want a movie about Christopher Columbus?
Patron: Yes, but I don't remember the name of it.
(WHA?! How? Huh? What does that have to do with banned books?)

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