Friday, June 29, 2007

I don't want what your'e having...

I know this chick who always talks about stuff like she was the one who discovered it or invented it. When she became a mother she would tell everyone how great it is, the feeling of loving someone so much. Everyone should go out and become a mother so that they can experience this great new feeling. She would even tell people who already had kids and describe this to them. Yes, I think they already knew about her discovery but she still told them like she was the only person in this world to experience it. Also, when she finds a new toy to purchase she is the first person to have discover it. Wow, everyone should get this new blackberry/BMW/a pool/a tattoo. She discovered it. She doesn't just boast or brag, but she tells it like she is so excited about this new development and how everyone else should get it too because she has and their lives are better for it. Like whatever she is up to it's the thing to be doing or else you suck.

I hate that.

You don't see me going around bragging to people and telling them, "Have you ever gotten your Masters? It's great! You should, everyone should experience this at least once in their lives. Your mind expands, you get a better paying job and you are a better person for it." NO! I don't do that. Because I know a Master's isn't for everybody. I know that not everyone wants a Masters. Not everyone has the need to stay in school for two more years and apply that kind of commitment. Their lives are not less than mine because they don't have one. Jeesh people! GET A CLUE!
tan! tan!


Waiting For Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire is the most recent book I finished reading. It's a memoir about the authors life in Cuba before the revolution and his subsequent exile from the island. His description of events that happened to him and his experiences as a boy were a great read. The story gives you an in depth knowledge of what life was like for the Cuban people once they left Cuba. I recommend this book if anything just to read about what Cuba was like prior to its ruin by Fidel. His family's experiences are sad and heartwarming at the same time. I loved his use of Cubanism and sayings to add to his storytelling.

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