Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blackbird Sisters Mysteries

After having read and reviewed the first Nancy Martin book I read, I couldn't stop reading the next couple of them in a row. So I just finished the last one and I am sorry that there aren't anymore. I don't want to give anything away about each book so I will give an overview of the series.

How to Murder a Millionaire, Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds, Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die, Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too and A Crazy Little Thing Called Death by Nancy Martin are some of the greatest books I've read in a long time. The character development through each book is incredible. The main characters of Nora, Libby and Emma have such great depth that you can't help but know what they are feeling and going through. Nora's relationship with Michael Abruzzo tugs at your heart strings.

The stories of each book are similar in that they take place around a murder and the Blackbird sisters trying to solve the mystery. But each has an individual characteristic about each plot and just when you think you have figured out Nancy's formula for determining who the killer is, she changes it on you. By far my most favorite thing about her books is the relationship between Nora and Mick. Their emotions are so well described that you can't help but feel their pain and passion. I have found myself laughing out loud as well as crying. I am totally gushing over these books but I think everyone should read them.

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