Monday, June 11, 2007

Isn't there a war on?!


Ok, if anybody else talks to me about PH and her jail time I am going to scream. I was in the break room and the topic of conversation by all the pages/aides was about this celebutante like they knew her. The topic of conversation on Kevin & Bean on KROQ has been non-stop PH news!! The pages/aides continue on to discuss more pressing topics such as the relationship between Beyonce and Jay Z and how confused they were about it because they had heard Jay Z was with Ciara. ARGH!! Will these kids look outside their MTV and People? There is a war going on, an AIDS epidemic and global warming! Stop worrying about pop stars and the people they sleep with!!

I was recently in a fender bender and had to take my car in for repairs. (Stupid chick backed into me! But I'm not bitter.) So I am driving an SUV as my rental car and I love it! It's amazing how people get out of your way on the freeway and actually back off from tailgating you when you tap on the breaks. But the most amazing thing about it is that I figured out that all drive thru windows are made for SUV's! For a long time I have struggled to reach the windows of Starbucks in my Mazda and it is a really headache stretching out to the server and making sure I don't drop the money in the crevice that is the curb and my car. But now that I have an SUV it's so easy! These windows are made for the height of such a vehicle. Which makes me upset. With the increase of SUV's now everything is catered them. Stupid fast food establishments only want to make a drive thru accessible to large, gas guzzling vehicles. Just thought I would point this out so you know next time you are struggling with your mocha frap and the server and wondering why this is so difficult!

Patron Stories
It always amazes me how people are suspicious of anybody who offers them service for free. After printing a patron some resources online he argued with me that I didn't need to print out all the information cus he doesn't want to pay for all the pages. I had to tell him that it was free. So any information he requires we will give it to him. He was shocked. Some people think of us as an exclusive club that you have to pay to access material. They ask us how much it costs to be a member and are happily surprised to find out that all of resources are free. Maybe we should charge people and they won't take us for granted. Yea right! Like that would ever happen.

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