Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ok, seriously.
Why me? Why is it that every time some guy wants to take out his anger and frustration it's on me? I, who am perfectly cordial and professional to all my patrons, always deals with people who accuse me of being rude to them? Today a patron came to me and asked me about his computer. He had reserved comp #18 at 7pm. It was 6:59 by my clock. So I told him they will be kicked off as soon as it's 7pm. "But why are they still on? It's 7pm", he asked. I said, "the time on his computer might be a little off. Give him a couple of minutes and if he doesn't get off and I'll ask him to. But let me check your reservation, do you have you library card?" So he gave it to me and I looked it up and his account showed that he has a reservation @ 7:30pm on computer #5. I told him so. And he said no he doesn't. He made it for 7pm. And I'm showing him the screen. Then he says, "You know what. You are obviously too busy to help me so I'll go talk to someone else you can help someone else!" I stared at him and said, "sir it's the same system." "no. I'm done with you. You are so rude and lazy and don't want to help me. All you do is sit there." AAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I helped someone else. The librarian next to me started helping him and was about to walk over to computer #18 to kick that person off. I stopped her and said, "I checked his account. He doesn't have an appointment until 7:30pm." He yells at me, "I'm done with you." He tells my colleague, "this person has been so rude and she doesn't want to help me." I then got up (my shift was over) and I couldn't help myself and said, "You have a nice day sir." and walked away. ARGH!

Why? Why doesn't my colleague Nebraska* who literally is rude to patrons get this? She blatantly does not look people in the eye, points to directions they should head to, does not answer their questions but rings a bell to have the page help them and ignores people who need help. WHY doesn't she get yelled at?! She goes out of her way to be rude to people and no one yells at her! I am getting really tired of this sh**!!

*Not my colleague's real name.

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