Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tax Season, RUN!!!

The smell is in the air. The scent of panic stricken people who would normally be on time with their projects and assignments but who managed to forget to file their taxes when they received their W2's in January. The library is full of them. People coming to us to print out their W2 or somehow miraculously pull them out of a hat. It's hard for them to understand that we cannot access their income information and must contact their HR department. Contrary to popular belief, all the information you ever need is not on the Internet. We do try and help them with what we can and print out forms from the IRS and CA forms website. But the refuse to believe that we do not have all the answers and file their taxes for them. Remember folks, we are here to help you and are not conspiring against you and not provide you with your forms. If we have access to them, we will print them out for you.

Patron Stories
Did I ever tell you the time a patron accused me of placing "out of order" signs on the Internet computers because we didn't want people to use them and not because they were in fact out of order. I had to hold my laughter and anger in and try not to strike him. This was after I dealt with a deluge of like 10 different patrons requiring different services at the same time, so he caught me at a bad time. I sardonically responded, "Yes. We like to keep them to ourselves and not let anybody use them." He said, "Really?!" NO!! His friend that was with him accurately called him a dumb ass for asking. We have 22 computers, 3 of which were out of order. Oh yea, we are really trying to inconvenience you, buddy! (ok, done venting)

Sometimes people forget they are in a library. Maybe it's the shinning bright atmosphere or the absence of "shush-ing" signs, but when did it become ok to yell in a library? I have stopped people from doing the following; yell down each aisle searching for someone, shouting into a cell phone with bad reception, eating/drinking/listening to music in our study rooms, playing soccer in the story time room and no we do not allow you to sleep(and snore loudly) in the library.

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