Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Don't bring your baggage to the library

Things I am not!

As a librarian I have to fulfill a lot of roles. I am an information professional, computer expert, researcher extraordinaire and confidant of information. But people confuse me with other types of people that I am not and are not included in my job description. Which are the following:
1. A babysitter: Don't leave your children at the library unattended. I am not here to keep track if your child was here and if in fact they came here right after school. I don't keep track if they have completed their homework and I will not give you information on whether they used the computer or not. So stop asking.
2. A receptionist: Because I work in a large library, private tutors like to use our facilities and study rooms. We are not associated with the tutors. So if you show up and ask us where Mr. So and So is, we don't know. We will not page someone over the intercom to see if he is here. If you use one of our study rooms, I will not "watch out" for your student/tutee and let them know you are in "your office". I am not your receptionist.
4. A mind-reader: Ask me what you want. Don't just hand me your library card or homework assignment for me to decipher your request. ASK ME!!! I cannot read your mind.

Patron Etiquette:

Just because you are a "pet-parent" and you treat your pet like a child does not mean you can bring them into the library. Unless it is helping you move around your pet is not welcomed in the library. If your dog is in a sweater and in a stroller does not make it OK for you to bring him in. I don't care if he wants to go on the Internet!!


Across A Hundred Mountains by Reyna Grande

This book deals with the problems a family has to go through when the father leaves for the United States and leaves the rest in Mexico. It is a very sad story that brings the reality of immigration to life.

The book talks about the life experiences of Juana Garcia and Adelina Vazquez, who have to battle to survive life along the border. I recommend this book.

Becoming Americana by Lara Rios
I had picked up this book because I went to see the author speak. I was hoping it was going to be a light and fun chicalit book, but it was a very serious. It wasn't funny where you laugh at the protagonist's screwy adventures but more of a social critique of losing one's identity.

Lupe is trying to fit in at UCLA by not standing out as a Latina. While trying to fend for herself in the slums of East LA, she encounters friends that are willing to help her and family that is holding her back. I recommend this book even though it's a bit melodramatic when it comes to its description of barrio life.

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