Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reference Rant

Ms. Volunteer called again today. She calls every week to keep us on the phone for 10 minutes asking for volunteer opportunities in the City area. She goes on and on, describing her lonely life and how she plans on moving to the country until we cut her off.

Today she called to have me look up the reason for which Hulk Hulgan and his wife Linda are getting a divorce. After reading I describe to her that they just decided to quit and their kids are grown. She said, "Just because their kids are grown?" "
"Yes. That is all it states", I answer.
"But that makes any sense. Why would they just give up if their kids are grown? Why do you suppose that is?"
I said, "I have no idea that is all it says."
"Ok, thank you." click!

LOL, I got off easy today.

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