Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey Baby What's your sign?

I found a very cute article on LISNews on pick up lines that work on librarians. Here are my favorite:

  • So is it true public librarians let anyone in?

  • Didn't I see you on the cover of American Libraries?

  • So when's the last time you were "on the desk"?

  • Want to come back to my room and play cataloger? I brought my own Dewey.

  • I'll make you scream LC subject headings.

  • Damn... you're stacked better than the LOC!!


Guide to Elegance by Geneviaeve Antoine-Dariaux is a very cute book that dictates how one can become an elegant lady. Ms. Antoine-Dariaux was a fashion consultant for one of the great fashion houses of Paris. The original release of this book was in 1964, so a lot of the material is a bit outdated and no longer used. I for one, am going to try and bring elegance back. :) Some handy tips that I found interesting were:

  • Girls of 14 years or younger should not carry umbrellas.
  • The only jewelry to be worn during the day are wrist watches, studded earrings (not dangly) and at the most two rings on your hands. Preferably on your ring finger and your wedding ring counts as one.
  • Wrist watches should only be worn before 5pm. Your evening attire should not include one.
  • Your wardrobe does not have to be plentiful nor expensive to be elegant. It must contain the basic items of a wool skirt, nicely fitted suit, little black dress, nice coat, sturdy black purse and shoes.
  • Elegant ladies are not seen in public doing the following things: picking their teeth, scratching their heads, nor grooming at the table after a meal.
  • Pearls go with everything, anything and anytime.
  • Alligator shoes and handbags are more of a daytime attire.
  • When posing for photographs make sure and smile. Don't place hands on hips. When posing at the beach lying down pose on your side, not flat like a pancake.
  • And a cool historic fact: Wedges were invented in Paris during WWII due to the lack of leather for shoes.

Hope you can use this! :)

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