Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rushed patron

Patron Stories

Setting: Me at the ref. desk 10am, right when the library opened.

Patron: EXCUSE ME!! (rushing towards me) This computer says it's reserved for 11am and i tried signing in but it won't let me because it's reserved for this hour (10am)! But it's a lie because it says it is reserved for 11am and I....

Me: Which computer is it and I'll check the reservation?

P: Comp 15

Me: Yes, in fact it is reserved for 10am. But there are several computers (like 10 of them!!) available you could go on which are not reserved at this time.

P: Ok, but my complaint is that the screen was misleading saying it was available for until 11am. I wouldn't have wasted my time on it I am in a hurry!!!

Me: I'm sorry about that. I will email our IT dept.

(If she was in such a hurry she could have just jumped on another computer w/out wasting her time talking to me and complaining about it! She wasted more time with me than just signing onto another computer. What a yutz!)

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gaby said...

leti yo are to funny!!! but your right hse should have used anohter computer, what a Looser!