Monday, August 13, 2007

Two books I finished reading just because.

Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee and Flip Flopped by Jill Smolinski are two books I struggled with in order to finish them. First off, Free Food was too long. There was no point in having all that detail about so many characters. The main character, Casey, is a Korean girl newly graduated from Princeton. She attended with a full scholarship and now has to deal with the real world and due to her poor background she doesn't have the same privileges her rich classmates have. I was fascinated by this story because I always wondered how people adjusted to that kind of life. The idea of coming from a poor family and background and then being sent to an Ivy League school where you know everyone is richer than you is something I always wondered about. I knew of classmates who went on to Ivy League schools and never knew what happened after that, so I've always wondered.

Casey has a difficult time adjusting to being on her own in New York after her father kicks her out for acting superior. She goes through several relationships and deals with her mentor's overbearing need to help her. I got bored through the middle of this book, but I had to finish it. I just couldn't let it go.

Flip Flopped was a fun read. The main character (I can't even remember her name) was funny and made you cheer for her. Th title of this book was right on to described her state of mind. She flip-flopped from one extreme to the other when it came to her life. After having caught her husband cheating on her, she is trying to go through divorce proceedings, but she has second thoughts all through the book. I really hated Kam (I remember his name, darn it!) because I don't care how the island people of Hawaii are, he was just lazy and irresponsible and I refuse to believe that a whole group of people are like that. I mainly finished the book, though I lost interest in it half way through, was because I wanted to make sure she stuck it to him in the end with the divorce. It was very anti-climactic, so I was not too happy with it.

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