Thursday, August 30, 2007


Forwarded emails irk me!! I have this old co-worker whose only form of communicating with people is by forwarding stupid jokes, chain mails and pictures of fat naked women. I HATE THAT!!! I never read her emails and have deleted her from my address book hoping that she will get filtered out. She gets sent to my junk mail but I still get them. Then not only do I get it from her but she sends them to another old co-worker who later sends me the same email again!! I have no problem deleting them w/out reading them, but what I really hate is that they don't even have the courtesy to BCC everyone instead of having all the people they forward it to see everybody else's email. I don't know her friends, so I don't want them having my email address. It's no surprise I get a lot of junk mail. Ok, so I have told her "Stop sending me this crap!!!" But still does. Can anybody help?

Book vs. Movie

In my experience all books that have been made into movies are generally better than the movie production. There is one exception, Devil's Advocate the movie was way better than the book. But yesterday I went to see The Nanny Diary and it sucked. They changed so many aspects of the book that were critical to the story and what the author intended to convey. Three main things were changed that I think made the movie bad. 1) Nanny was raised by her single, bitter mother who wanted her strive for excellence. This ruined it because in the book Nanny has to deal with her close family who she goes to for advice and encouragement. Her role model is her grandmother who supports her in her decisions but also makes her think why she takes on nanny positions. 2) In the movie they make it seem like she came upon becoming a nanny by accident. In the book she has had years experience with being a nanny and uses all her past experiences on know how to deal with Grayden and the X's. Being a Nanny is how she worked while going through college. 3) Her school status. One of the main conflicts of the book is the fact that she is in her senior year at NYU and while she has to deal with the control freak, boss from hell Mrs. X she also has to finish her senior thesis on time. This element of the book would have made the movie more interesting. At the end of the book the Mrs. X's of the Upper East Side are summarized as a force to be reckoned with and the cycle of nannies continue. So all in all, I don't recommend this movie. The book wasn't all that as it is, but the movie was worse.

How to talk to a widower

by Jonathan Topper was a very sad book. Because of the death of his wife, Doug has to learn how to deal with his stepson and moving on. There were times in the book where I really wanted to cry. Just the fact of how much he loved his wife and how quickly she was taken from him was the sad part. Once he started dealing with real life it became humorous. His family and friends were wacky that you had to laugh out loud. I recommend this book.

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