Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ok, this rant is back to my discussion of "Family Place" libraries. Our library has been set up with the idea that if we bring toys to the library it will encourage young families to come and read while their little ones play. So kids of all ages come play, be loud, run and yell in the library. And we are not allowed to say anything because it's a "Family Place". Our superiors have given us research to help us understand why they do this. They claim that once children go on to Middle and High School they lose interest in the library because they no longer have the same attention lavished on them when they were kids through storytime, summer reading programs and games. Well duh! How about instead of creating more areas of play for kids, we fund more programs for adults and young adults? Of course kids are going to lose interest in something that has lost interest in them once they are adults? It's like having your first 4 years of grammar school be filled with nothing but games, puppies and prizes. Then when you hit middle school, BAM! You are expected to sit still for long periods of time just listening to someone lecture. There would be more school drop outs if that was the case.

I'm just saying, I don't agree with the whole "Family Place" concept of a way to keep children interested in the library once they become adults.

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