Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My List

I just finished reading The Next thing on My List by Jill Smolinski, which is a great book about meeting your goals and facing the challenges of life.

June Parker is determined to complete the items on a dead girl's list before her 25th birthday. Her ambition and motivation helps her have a better life and understand the people around her. I relate to this character because I use lists all my life to help me get things in order, from my education, love life and career goals, I have relied on lists to keep me focused. I think they are the reason for which I have accomplished what I have so far. I really recommend for you to read this book. Though it has some serious undertones the characters are funny and relate-able.

Are libraries selling out?

Yes! In order to compete with the Barnes and Nobles of the world the public library has changed its rules. Specifically to my library we now have a "Family Place" which is an area that has toys, chairs and child development books in a section of the children's area. The idea is that parents with small children can still come to the library and read up on what information they may need. What really sucks about this is that it's not like the kids sit quietly with their toys while their parents read on the side. No. Parents bring their kids just to play. Like it was Chuck e Cheese or something. Kids get together and play with each other, throw toys, yell and fight with each other while their parents sit and talk very loudly, not taking into consideration that in fact they are in a library. I'm sorry, but a library should be quiet. A library is one of the last places remaining that you can sit and quietly relax with your research or book. You can't even relax in the movie theatres anymore, with all the cell phones, babies crying and loud talking. So library administrators, Stop It!! Bad administrators!! How would you like it if I came into your board rooms and said everyone is allowed to bring their kids to your meetings and provide loud battery operated toys? Lets see how productive your meetings will be.

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