Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yes, another book review

I told you I would have more time to read! I just finished reading Momzillas by Jill Kargman. Once again this book takes place in New York and tells the story of Hannah a new mom who is being ostricized by the momzillas of NY. Momzillas are women who are overly obsessed with being the perfect mom that they are competitive in their clothing, schools, activities, and social standing all in the name of motherhood, while slightly neglecting the actually upbringing of the child. The story is interesting only because of the different stupid things the moms did in this book in order to compete. The ending was kinda too generic for my taste and wrapped up nicely.

I need to start reading more intellectually stimulating books! But not anytime soon, because I am reading two other chic lit books, so be prepared to read those.

Patron Stories

Um...ok. Why do people feel the need to shout in a library? I had this lady today walking down the aisles yelling out her daughters name. I finally shushed her and she's like, "Well I'm looking for my daughter." I said, "Well look and stop yelling."

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