Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cake anyone?

Have Your Cake and Kill him Too by Nancy Martin is a great mystery novel. I love this author's way of writing and getting to the point. This series of novels are called the Blackbird Mysteries, which are about three sisters who inadvertently get involved in murder cases. The characters of Emma, Libby and Nora Blackbird are some of the greatest characters I have read in a while. They have their own personalities, but you also get a hint of their similarities as sisters have a way of doing.
Nora is a social columnist for a local Philadelphia newspaper. The sisters are socialites who no longer have any money once their parents take off with the family fortune to escape the tax collector. The relationship between Nora and Michael, a mob heir is fascinating as a way to complicate the plot. This particular book has to do with a murder case that involves a social scandal and sex. The stories that go around the actual murder are so intriguing that I don't want to jump to the end and learn "who did it" because I want to know what happens with the parallel events. As you can tell I am reading all fun reads lately, but that will change. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Patron Update
Remember the weird-o who yelled at me for no apparent reason? Well he has been coming to the library everyday and today he came to the desk asking for some help. I could tell he was totally embarrassed to have to come and ask me for help after his ranting that he couldn't even look me in the eye. I kept smiling at him (remember the comment he made about my smile?) and assisted him like the professional that I am. But I was gloating internally.

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