Monday, May 21, 2007

Why Me?!

Debutante Divorcée
I don't know why I am on this series of books that deal with life of New Yorkers, but I just finished reading The Debutante Divorcée by Plum Sykes. The book wasn't particularly interesting but I enjoy Syke's writing style.
The book is about Sylvie and her friendship with Lauren Blount a newly divorcée. As a newlywed Sylvie is fascinated by her divorced friend's adventures and is concerned about ended up a divorcée herself. The lifestyles of the the NY debutante are interesting but the storyline is a bit slow. Syke's natural flow of language is what kept me going and made the book a fun read.

Not dealing with a full deck

I was berated by a patron today for no apparent reason. Being in the service sector you sometimes have to deal with people that just want to yell for no good reason. This man just came to the desk and accused me of having a problem with him and I (not knowing what he was talking about) apologized and said, "I'm sorry sir, but I did not mean to be rude to you. I apologize." He responded, "Stop calling me Sir!! My name is Joe and if you have a problem with me you need to tell me cus this is so rude. You with your fake smile. I can see right through that!!!" Um...ok. And he walked away. How's that for a Monday morning? Lucky for me there were two of us at the desk and my colleague witnessed the whole thing, so I have back up.

Pet Peeve #3- I don't need your life story
People always feel like they have to give me their life stories when they ask for a book. I don't need to know why exactly you need it, especially when it's disease information. Also, if your computer has run out of our paper, just ask for more. Don't come up and tell me, "There is something wrong with the computer, it won't print cus it's out of paper." or "I was trying to print out a report for homework, cus I need to write a term paper for school and I think I ran out of paper." Just ask me for the paper!!! Put a complete sentence together, "May I please have paper for the printer?"; "May I make a reservation on the computer?" "May I kiss your feet?" YES!

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