Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pet Peeves


When dealing with unruly teenagers who a)will not stop talking b)stop using their cell phones c) share the computers with 4 of their friends to be on myspace; I have to chant my mantra to make me feel better about dealing with them:

"At least they are not on the streets. They chose to come to the library. They are not bad, just like to share. Ahh oooohhm"

I swear, it's like shooing a flock of pigeons in the park. I walk through the computers and tell those who are standing behind their friends watching their monitors to disperse, they do. But as soon as you are a good distance away, they flock right back. I had to kick three of them out last week, it felt good. But I don't want to do that too often for fear it may lose its power.

Pet Peeve #2: Trying to "Shock" the librarian
I have had kids come up to ask for material just to try and see how I would react. Hustler, Kama Sutra and Porn Industry 101 will not shock me. Be warned I will give you the material if we have it, so be prepared to be embarrassed.

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