Monday, July 16, 2007

Men's Guide to the Women's Restroom

By Jo Barrett was not what I expected. The story is about a woman who has just gone through a divorce and is trying to get her life back on track by going back home to Austin, Texas. She tries to move on with her friends and new boyfriend who she thinks might be the real thing. Her understanding of the women's bathroom as an inner sactum inspires her to write a book for men, so that they understand why we go to the bathroom in groups. (I don't do that. Only when drunk. tee hee )

I guess I expected something more from the male point of view and why they are so confused as to why we travel in herds to the restroom. The character's personality was fun and at times made me lol. I kinda recommend this book if you want something fun and light to read. It didn't leave me wanting me more.

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