Friday, March 06, 2009

Princess Diaries V: Grandmere Rocks!!

Princess in Pink (The Princess Diaries, Book 5) Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot

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This 5th installment of the PD is very entertaining. Mia starts to realize what she is good at and nurtures it by writing for the school newspaper. While once again her friend Lilly is no friend at all, her mother is self absorbed with her own problems and her boyfriend doesn't understand how much the prom means to her. I am so hooked on this series.

It seems to me that Grandmere is the only person who understands Mia. Whenever there is something wrong or is bothering her, Grandmere is the only one to catch it and actually asks her what is wrong and helps her solve it. Neither her BFF or her mother (not to mention her absent womanizing father) take the time to talk to her and be there for her. Grandmere rocks! I also enjoyed this book more because it included more Michael. :)

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