Thursday, March 26, 2009

Judge a book by its cover?

Heck yea! I'm notorious for doing that. Why? Because they do say a lot about the book. Growing up I had to deal with the cheesy covers placed on Judy Blume and Beverly Clearly books. They contained cartoonish characters that made me want to gag. I didn't want to be seen dead with those books! And I was right. I hated Beverly Cleary books and the Judy Blume books I did read where the more sophisticated ones with teenagers on the covers.

The covers that are placed on teen books today are awesome! It makes me want to read them. For example look at Luxe.
It has this classy look to it. I personally favored those books that looked grown up. I always picked up a book that was large and had a classy cover.

Even today, I pick books with nice covers such as "Twilight", "Plain Janes", "The Pursuit of Love" and "Blue Bloods" to name a few. I seriously picked them because of their cover. I hate reading the summary from a book jacket. It's like the whole story and key plotlines ruin it for me. So I use the cover and the first paragraph of a book to guide me. If I can't get through the first paragraph, forget it!

So I say, YES!! Judge a book by its cover. Honestly I think this "saying(?)" was made up back when publishers had no choice with their book jackets and every single book had a plain leather cover with some gold embossing. Now it's like come on! You can do better than that.

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