Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My reading evolution

While going over our collection and having to "weed" the fiction, I had a conversation with our lead reference librarian about authors we love and hold closely to our hearts. They make us re-read our favorite titles over and over. Judy Blume is definitely credited with getting me hooked on reading at the age of 11. The first book I read (I think) by her was Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing which led me to Superfudge which begat, Then again, Maybe I Won't. My reading progressed from there to the more daring Are you there God? It's me Margaret. My evolution of the reading taste moved onto V.C. Andrews. I don't remember how I got to reading her books, but after My Sweet Audrina I was hooked. I went on to Flowers in the Attic, Dawn, If there Be Thorns, and on and on until I read everything she had ever written at that time.

My library shelved V.C. Andrews books in the adult section so I was exposed to more sophisticated authors. Enter Danielle Steele. But before her I had a short stint into the Romance novel genre which I try to forget, but I admit it. I read them. But after I read one you read them all. So after I devoured all of Danielle Steele I found my favorite author of all time. Sidney Sheldon. I was awestruck with Master of the Game. If you have not read this book, go out and get it. NOW! Trust me. You wont' be able to put it down. Sheldon exposed me to openness of fiction and the lives of others, to the complexity of life and the cruelty that is man. I was able to engross myself in a world I had never known and was willing to read more.

From that point I knew I was a READER. I couldn't stop and I didn't want to. I found new authors and my tastes continued to grow. So I would like to credit Judy Blume for helping me find my reading gene. I still have fond memories of reading new books and finding a new author and reading everything they have ever written. My most recent author that I have fallen in love with is Nancy Martin's Blackbird Sister's murder mysteries.

So excuse me while I go pick up My Sweet Audrina I am craving some V.C. Andrews. Feel free and tell me what inspired you to read.

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Anonymous said...

You inspired me to read. I was very lucky to have English teachers who chose good material for me to read. But, I did not realize how much I enjoyed them until you reminded me of what I have read. Before then I always thought I hated it because I only read what was required. You made me realize that I really enjoy reading!! Thanks! -MR