Thursday, February 07, 2008

May I pick it up for you as well?

Patron Stories:
(Conversation over the phone)
Patron: Hi I would like to find out if you have movies.
Me: Yes we do. Which movie are you looking for?
P: That one movie with Johnny Depp, I need to know if you have it for me to check out. Do you have it at this library over here?
M: I can check. Do you know the title?
P: Yes, "Blow". B-l-o-w, with Johnny Depp. Do you have it over here at this library? Which branch are you?
M: We are located on 3rd and Atlantic. Which branch do you want it from?
P: The one over here at 3rd and Fairfax. Can you tell me if they have it?
M: I'm sorry but that's another system, let me check if they have it on their online catalog.
P: Do they have it?
M:I'm still searching. Do you know the name of the library? or the zip code where it's located?
P: No.
M: Ok, I found it. Yes, they have it. Would you like their phone number?
P:No. Can't you put it on hold for me?
M: I'm sorry I can't. They are on a different system. I can give you their number and they can put it on hold for you.
P: But you said you found it! Why can't you put it on hold.
M: I found it on their online catalog which you can access as well from your home computer or you can call them.
P: Whatever! click

You're WELCOME!!! -_-...

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