Monday, February 11, 2008

Fequently asked questions.

Q: How do I get a computer?
A: Well, what you do is, you go to the store and buy one.
(Actual question should have been: How can I reserve a computer? or; Can I reserve a computer here?)

Q: Do you work here?
A: No.
(Correct question should have been: Can you help me with...?)

Q: Computer?
A: Yes. Yes, it is. Thank you for asking.
(The question we were looking for: Can I reserve a computer? see above question.)

Q: The computer is asking for a code.
A: Yes, computers tend to do that. Good luck deciphering it.
(How about: Can you sign me into the computer so that I can use it please?)

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Anonymous said...

You are really a misanthrope, aren't you? If you love books but think people are stupid, then why do you work in a job that requires you to have contact with people so obviously beneath you? Rantings of a mad librarian makes it sound madcap. You're just an bad vibe librarian.

Go on a long vacation.