Thursday, January 05, 2006

Starting out.

My husband and I just came back from the pet store. Yes, we are officially pet-parents. I am an avid Kevin and Bean show listener, so I am ashamed of myself. But we are cool pet-parents of an iguana! I got Vito for my husband this Christmas and he loved it. So now we are going overboard and buying him a bigger tank and accessories. I can't wait to get him a spiked leash but he is too small for that now.

We came home to see that the trees outside our condo have been cut down. Halleluya!!! I hated those trees, they obstructed the view of the sky and the sunlight. Now we have a partial ocean view. I am so happy. Now living here won't be so tough for the next couple of years. That was my biggest pet peeve. No sunlight and air flow. But now we have the sun and all we have to do is remove the ugly a/c units from the windows and we can get some air coming through.

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