Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Princess Diaries Volume II: Lilly's revenge

Blog Entry 1/27/09 @ 1:48am

As I am unable to sleep, I finished reading Princess Diaries Volume II: Princess in the Spotlight by Meg Cabot. The main thing that I came away with from this book is that Lilly is the worst friend ever. She is so self absorbed that she doesn’t care about Mia or the new problems and responsibilities she has to deal with now that she is a princess. Mia needs to really be “self actualized” and figure out that Lilly is a horrible BFF and should be rid of, so that Mia can have a happy life.


  1. She gets mad at Mia for doing an interview and instead of comforting her on the horrible result, she rages against her and worries about how she, Lilly, was portrayed by being grouped with the “freaks” crowd in school.
  2. She takes advantage of Mia’s vulnerable state during a slumber party and tapes a conversation with her to later broadcast it on television and does not apologize nor feels any remorse. Mia forgives her!!!
  3. Hypocrite. By helping Hank and not telling Mia about it.
    1. Because she supposedly does not care about skin deep attributes in people.
    2. She obviously keeps secrets from Mia and gets totally out of control when Mia doesn’t tell her what is going in her life to the point of giving her the silent treatment. While Mia thinks nothing of it.

I hate Lilly and hope that she disappears in future books. Once Mia and Michael do end up together hopefully Lilly will get lost in the outreaches of the jungle while working for Greenpeace.

p.s. Martha Stewart’s short cameo, as Mia's hero by carrying a hot glue gun in her purse (hilarious!!) proved to be a better BFF than Lilly has ever been in the course of these books.

p.p.s. This diatribe must be excused for it was written during sleepless night. But I still hate Lilly.

p.p.p.s Overall the book was fun and I can't wait to read Volume III.


Carmen said...

I have agree w/you 100%. Lilly is the worst friend ever! I kept waiting for Mia to just smack her or something. I luv Michael! I couldnt stop reading the book in hopes that he would finally say something. I got hooked & read it in 1 day. LoL
Let's make an i hate Lilly club! She hasnt asked Mia how she is doing w/all the princess stuff, her mom dating the math teacher or how she feels about the baby!
*Im almost done w/the 3rd book!*

Carmen said...

(I 4got to comment on this part)
OMG! and the sleep over video...oh dont get me started on that. I cant believe Mia just brushed it off like nothing, while Lilly just keeps screamin @ her. I oficially hate Lilly parts in the book.