Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Why am I fascinated?

I pride myself on being one of the few people who do not enjoy reality shows nor talk shows such as Jerry Springer. Why? Because I don't enjoy seeing other people making mistakes just for the limelight. I don't like seeing people dumber than I ruin their lives so that they can get a reaction from an audience. I feel sorry for people who all they have going for them is that their spouse/sibling/parent has cheated on them or abused them, therefore they can become famous. So why am I so fascinated with the show Weeds?!

It's the same thing!! The main protagonist, Nancy Botwin keeps making the same mistakes over and over and getting deeper and deeper into the drug world. Her first mistake was selling pot to begin with in order to keep the lifestyle. I mean from what I can gather she went to college. I'm sure an entry level job wouldn't have kept her and her boys in her new home in the valley, but still. Her fight for survival was what brought me into the show. Now she is just sad.

Long story short, she is involved with the Mexican drug cartel/mafia and can't get out because she is carrying the "jefe's" baby. I don't know about you, but this has just turned into a "telenovela". After the season premier yesterday, I think I'm out. There is nowhere for her to go but down. Especially now that her kids are getting into the family business as well. The show had potential because she was trying to survive and the whole premise was that she started doing it to keep her children in the lifestyle they were accustomed to when their father was alive. But now? Forget it. She has lost me as a fan.

Weeds on Monday nights @ 10pm on Showtime.

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