Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Some people still ask me, "Why do you need a Master's to be a librarian?" Other than the fact that you need to know your way around Dewey and the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, it also gives you a sense of professionalism when dealing with serious issues. Working as a librarian, I can easily see how someone who does not have the professionalism of a Master's degree totally screw with our profession. I mean, I have had the urge so many times just tell people "No." Just tell them "No" for no particular reason. Just so that they can go away. When they ask do you have a book on [fill in the blank], NO! Or make fun of them for mispronouncing a word like "Morse" and pronouncing it "Moresy", asking for the "Moresy code". Yea, I talk about it later, but not to their face. Because we are a profession we have a Code of Ethics we follow and the Library Bill of Rights we adhere to. I know I hold back from being rude because I am a professional and as such, not be rude nor deny information because of my own personal beliefs.

Pet Peeve # 5 - Don't conduct your own reference interview.

While waiting in line and the librarian is busy helping the people ahead of you, please fight the urge to intervene. We don't need your opinion of which topics I should be searching under and asking the patron what their paper is about. Please don't assume that the patron is waiting for your opinion on the subject and hoping that you think the book was great. WE don't care. We don't care that your dad had the same condition and that herbal teas is the best way to go. Stop it! Not everyone cares to hear your take on a topic. Keep it to yourself.

Midnight by Dean Koontz

Was a really great book. I listened to it on my way from work at night and it was "escury!" The book is about a megalomaniac who is trying to take over a small town. I don't really want to spoil the book, but you get a great feeling of urgency and the desperation of those who are not converted to follow.

I love the way Koontz write because all of his books I have read take place within a couple of days or a 24 hour period.

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